Our Approach

Freewater Technologies Certification Training Program

Our program is a proven system that we proudly stand behind and consider it an honor to have the opportunity to assist DoD in preparing the future cyber warriors of our country.

The FTCTP consists of three evolutions designed to build confidence in the student and prepare them not just for success with a certification, but also to provide them with the foundation and tools to perform as a better operator when they return to their unit: CLASSROOM IMMERSION, SKILL CHALLENGE AND CERTIFICATION, ONGOING SUPPORT with UPDATES AND TRACKING.

The FTCTP provides the best value to the government. When the program is followed, Freewater is your only training provider needed because we succeed on the first try. The success rate on the first certification attempt over the past 15 years is 98%.

Classroom Immersion
  • Classroom instruction focused on actual skills, customized labs and nightly challenges to review their comprehension of the material. All students sign a form acknowledging the homework requirements and that adherence to the program is the only requirement to qualify for a retest voucher on qualifying courses.
  • Instructors with field tested real-world experience offering extended hours to students and nightly review of their progress.
  • Detailed homework tracking, with behavioral analytics applied to the results. By aggregating the data points across 10 years of historical data our reporting can accurately identify a multitude of discrepancies ranging from students struggling with the material or students who are not following the program outlined to them on the first day, which will guarantee their success.
  • Daily auditing and correspondence with students, supervisors and command training departments with inclusive details on each student’s homework progress and certification readiness.
Ongoing Support with Updates and Tracking
  • Available resources: courseware, online exam prep, online simulations – regularly updated with new content.
  • Assistance finding a local test center or returning to Freewater if we are in the area.
  • Continuing Education (CE) Tracking and program assistance.
Skill Challenge and Certification
  • Certification day is used for online practice exam and continuous monitoring of progress.
  • Instructors can review concerning topics, provide additional labs or even have one-on-one sessions if required.
  • Between the Instructor, Test Administrator, TA Manager and Technical Analyst the progress of each student is closely monitored throughout the day and the need for any additional assistance is quickly identified.
  • Results, as well as detailed notes on students and their exam completion are sent to the POCs.
DISCLAIMER: Freewater’s training programs are geared to corporate and DoD clients who are training their employees.